High Prices In India Everywhere. What Are The Causes 2022? - InventivaPETALING JAYA: Many Malaysian households are now indulging in mutton only occasionally due to the high prices these days.

“As Indians, we love mutton. But it’s costly these days, so I would buy it only once in a while,” said content manager, A. Siva, 42.

He said the price was usually about RM50 per kg, but it could go up to RM70, especially during Deepavali when the demand is high. At one point during the movement control order, he said the price even went up to RM83 per kg at a local market in his Subang Jaya neighbourhood, which he described as “shocking”.

To him, he felt that the price was rather arbitrary as the trader did not put it up on a price board. However, Siva acknowledged that prices for local mutton had always been higher than those imported from Australia or New Zealand.

“Local mutton is never frozen and there is a variation in terms of taste,” he said, adding that his family would opt for local or imported ones, depending on the need and occasion.

Homemaker Fazilah Kamal, 31, would only buy fresh mutton from the wet markets as she finds it more tender. It also takes less time to cook.

She said the average cost of lamb was around RM37 to RM40 per kg, but chops and shoulders were even more expensive as they tend to have more meat.