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10th MAY 2021


FOMCA has been recently receiving many complaints from policy holders of medical insurance of indiscriminate increase in the price of their premiums. We are concerned of how extensive this issue this and how many consumers have been similarly affected by the price increase of their premiums.

We call on all consumers with medical insurance policies to inform us of the price increase of your premiums and for those who have not received any notices of price increase in your medical insurance to contact your agent and ask him/her if there is indeed any increase in the price of your medical premiums.

At the current time, with unending lockdowns and conditional lockdowns, many consumers have been severely affected either through loss of jobs or reduction in incomes. This is certainly not the time to increase insurance premiums.

It is certainly wrong and unacceptable that insurance companies, at this time raise premium prices to make excessive profits. Consumers are already suffering.

If based on your feedback, we find that many consumers have been forced to pay increasing medical premiums, FOMCA will be launching a National Campaign to urge Bank Negara Malaysia to Stop the Increase in Medical Premiums. 

Consumers are facing tremendous economic pressure due to job loss, income loss and economic insecurity. Now is certainly not the time to increase medical insurance premiums.

As a responsible regulator, Bank Negara Malaysia, to protect consumers, should have already pre-emptively directed insurance companies not to increase premiums at his point of time.

Please provide the feedback to FOMCA to enable us to know if you have been affected by the price increase of your medical insurance premium?

Let us as consumers act together to protect our interests.

These are the information we need

  • Insurance Company
  • Current Annual Insurance Premium (RM)
  • New Annual Insurance Premium (RM)

You may email us the details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via this online form  .

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