TM Unifi fibre plabs price revision 6KUALA LUMPUR: Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) has unveiled new Unifi broadband packages with significantly reduced prices.

The Unifi 100 megabits per second (Mbps) plan is now RM99 per month for a limited time only, on a par with its previous 30Mbps plan at RM89 per month – to ensure that more Malaysians can take advantage of higher Internet speeds at lower prices.

All eligible Unifi customers will get an automatic upgrade with no obligations and no service re-contract required.

This free speed upgrade will be rolled out to eligible Unifi customers in phases between now and January 2024.

Unifi executive vice-president Anand Vijayan said the new packages aim to improve customer satisfaction and enhance digital inclusivity among Malaysians, improving access to connectivity, including 5G technologies and digital opportunities that will power the nation's digital aspirations.

"As the country's only true quad-play convergence service provider, Unifi is pioneering industry growth through comprehensive fixed broadband, mobile, lifestyle services and business solutions.

"This will deliver the best home and on-the-go digital experience for individuals, families, and small businesses," he told a media briefing today.

Anand said Unifi would also offer a converged 100Mbps high-speed broadband plan with the UNI5G Postpaid Unlimited 5G+4G mobile data plan - delivering the best connectivity experiences anywhere, anytime, and available through a three-year contract.

He added that the new bundle also comes with a free 5G smartphone – allowing more Malaysians to conveniently adopt and enjoy 5G capabilities in addressing concerns about 5G-enabled device affordability.

"TM continues to push the envelope in delivering innovative solutions and services that will power Malaysia towards becoming a digital nation.

"In doing so, Unifi is raising the baseline for high-speed broadband in the country, increasing speeds while lowering prices to improve access and digital opportunities for all customer segments," he said.

In empowering digital inclusivity across all segments of society, Unifi will continue to offer its Pakej Rahmah Unifi for key customer groups and underserved communities, including senior citizens, people with disabilities, B40 communities and security force veterans.

"Supporting the government's continuous efforts to ensure the digital advancement of all Malaysians, the plan is specially curated with unlimited 30Mbps fixed broadband at the low price of RM69 per month," said Anand.

Unifi also lowered the price of all Unifi Biz Fibre offerings from 100Mbps to 2Gbps for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

"These lower prices aim to support more MSMEs in their digital adoption, ensuring that these businesses not only survive in today's digital economy but have every opportunity to thrive," he added.