malaysiakini17 Jun 2020, 5:52 pm
LETTER | Coronavirus is still around and the vaccine is yet to be found. Government is trying its level best to contain the virus from spreading.

Covid-19 has caused a lot of detriment to individual, companies and the government alike. People have lost jobs and are struggling to make ends meet.

Government, on the other hand, has imposed the movement control order (MCO) to contain it from spreading.

Since the number of infected patients has reduced, the government has lifted MCO and enforced recovery MCO in order to revive the economy and let people be on their own feet again.

With stringent SOP on social distancing, using hand sanitiser and donning face mask, working people are patronising eateries to dine or to pack their food as take away.

Since the eateries have reduced the number of tables and chair, there have been long queues at certain eateries. The waiting is pretty long for them to get a seat and the wait for food to come.

At certain places the eateries management allocates certain time limit to the customers to dine in, which is indirectly paving way for more diners to eat there, hence bringing in more revenue for the eateries.

The wise thing to do at this juncture is, the eateries or hawkers ought to reduce the price for a takeaway by 10-20 percent of the price of dine-in.

This will enable the customers to get a better rate and need not wait too long and keeping themselves distance from people.

In return, the owners of the eateries will be able to manage their shop better and even get more orders if they have put up a notice promoting their discounted price for a takeaway.

The place will be cleaner and safer with regular sanitisation.

We need to look at the safety of the proprietors as well as the consumers.

We should work hand in hand with the government aspiration by breaking the chain of infection - the only mode to contain this deadly infectious disease.

We have to put aside monetary gain and focus on combating the disease. Let us all help each other and at the same time break the Covid-19 chain. It is going to be a new normal for each and every one of us as what our prime minister said “Kita Jaga Kita”.

The writer is a member of Fomca.

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