The awareness level of littering among Malaysians is still low. Littering reflects the civilization of that society. Obviously people who throw garbage in public areas do not belong to a first class society.

Currently, the common places for people to dispose their waste are in the river and on the streets. Many are more likely to litter on the roads while driving because they are more concerned with the cleanliness of their vehicle rather than to maintain the cleanliness of the public areas. 

Littering on the road has become a phenomenon in Malaysia. Often, people arbitrarily throw the trash out of their vehicles regardless of the security of other road users especially motorcyclists.

Disposal of waste such as plastic food wrappers and tissues while driving can endanger the lives of other road users as plastic and paper are lightweight and easily blown by the wind. It is feared that the garbage could block the front visuals of motorcyclists and, block hit the front screen of other vehicles where they could lose focus in driving.

In addition, the disposal of garbage on the road also can worsen the cleanliness as well as pollute the air with the stench. Streets are the main route used by everyone including tourists from abroad. The street condition that is filled with trash deteriorates the dignity of the country. In fact we might even be labeled as polluter.

Cleanliness is a major force in attracting foreign tourists. Littering on the road can also affect the health of residents nearby. Piles of rubbish at the roadside can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes such as Aedes.

The stench coming out of the garbage can attract rodents and flies. Mosquitoes, rats and flies are vector carrying infectious diseases.

Maintaining public cleanliness is the responsibility of all parties. Motorists should obey the “No Littering” signboard so that trash is not being thrown on the road because roads are public facility.

The authorities also need to constantly monitor road users and impose appropriate measures to the road users who fail to obey the law. Furthermore, it is also proposed that trash cans be placed along the road, to facilitate disposal of trash.

Place more bins in a residential areas, Rest & Recreation (R&R), and petrol stations. Bins need to be emptied regularly.

Nur Imani Abdullah