With Malaysians still popping antibiotics every time they fall ill, the Federation of Malaysian Consumers' Association (Fomca) has now come forward to educate the public.

Fomca policy and research executive Sharvin Subramaniam said consumers need to adhere to the advise of medical experts over the consumption of antibiotics, as it may eventually make it ineffective against more serious illnesses.

"Bacteria will develop immunity to antibiotics the more you take them. This may come to a point where antibiotics won't work when you need it to, like when you're very sick," Sharvin told a press conference at Fomca's headquarters yesterday.

Fomca deputy president Mohd Yusof Abdul Rahman added that antibiotics only affects bacteria and will not be able to treat viral infections.

Yusof also said that agriculture and food is another major source of antibiotic intake, as it is widely used in the industry to treat livestock and encourage growth.

He said the antibiotics will be passed down through consumption and the Malaysian agriculture industry used such medicine as well according to press reports.

Yusof added that Fomca had not received complaints of antibiotics abuse but this is likely due to the lack of public awareness on the issue.

Fomca launched a medicine awareness campaign today to educate the public to be smart consumers when pu