For Immediate Release

We welcome the decision on the reduction of electricity tariff by the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water (KeTTHA). However, FOMCA feels that the reduction of 2.25sen/kWh in Peninsular and 1.20sen/kWh in Labuan and Sabah, which is only about 5.8% from March 1 to June 30 2015 is insignificant.

We from FOMCA are actually looking at the 10% reduction on the average electricity tariff based on the current international fuel price and we are demanding the 10% reduction to be enforced throughout the year as 3 months implementation period is too short for us to see the impact and the for businesses to adapt. In order to see the actual savings for the rakyat, 3 months implementation period is insufficient.

We urge the government to reveal the current actual price to produce 1kWh of electricity based on the true cost and also how the 5.8% is being derived. We would also seek information on how much savings can be achieved by the consumer based on the current reduction and how much goods prices will reduce.

FOMCA has launched a petition to urge the government of Malaysia to further reduce the electricity tariff up to 10% and the reduction to be implemented throughout 2015. Our target is to achieve 1 million supporters in order to support our goal and to effectively bring down goods prices.

The link for the petition can be found here: