July 19, 2020 8:30 AM
Electricity keeps the lights on and the refrigerator running. But most people don’t really think about the possible dangers of using electricity.

Here are three common electrical hazards that can threaten the family’s safety:

1. Incorrect use of extension cords

An extension cord/adaptor can be convenient to add more plugs, but used improperly, it can put the family’s safety at risk.

Powering multiple appliances with one cord can increase the chances of the electricity tripping or cause other safety hazards due to overloading.

Avoid using multi-adaptors with too many appliances at the same time. If anything seems faulty with the electricity, call in an experienced expert to inspect the problem.

2. Pests chewing the wiring

Rodents such as rats can access the voids between walls, floors and ceilings and can easily cause severe damage to the wiring by chewing on wires and cables with their sharp teeth.

This can have very dangerous consequences, including circuit breaker trips and short circuits that could cause a fire.

Kaodim offers both professional electrical wiring services to locate and fix any problems and professional pest control services to get rid of any rodents.

3. Outdated and defective wiring

Worn and damaged electrical wires can increase the chances of electrical accidents such as power surges. Damaged wires are a fire hazard as well.

Over time, the electrical wiring in the home degrades and may not meet current safety standards.

Working with electrical wiring can be dangerous and can even result in fatal accidents, so, always engage a qualified electrician to examine the wiring and repair any problems to ensure your home is always safe.

Source: https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/leisure/2020/07/19/3-electrical-danger-zones-in-your-home/