nstJuly 22, 2020 @ 10:19pm
KOTA BARU: Pensioners doggedness to make mudballs to purify water enabled him and his wife to earn RM3,000 to RM4,000 a month since 2010.

The couple, Mohd Nashir Yaacob and his wife, Ramlah Salim, both 61, made mudballs from organic materials at their house in a village, which found a high demand in Kelantan and outside the state.

"Hearing customers complaining of problems with water, such as having foul and fishy smell and rust, I suggested that they use mudballs to purify the water.

"Making mudball goes through a storage process of up to two weeks.

"So 1,200 mudballs are made in a month, which are packed into 400 packages and sold at RM10 each," he said in Kampung Che Arus Kok Lanas, Ketereh, here.

He said the mudballs could be used in water catchment ponds, rivers, wells, drains, toilets and canvas fish cages to

purify water.

Nashir, or known as Pok Sir, said the materials for making mudballs — clay, padi husk, a microbial solution, effective micro-organisms and red sugar — went through a storage and fermentation stage.

He said they were then mixed and moulded into mudballs.

"These mudballs break down contaminants in the water, raising the quality of water to a safe level to be used for farming, fisheries and livestock rearing."

He added that mudballs could also stabilise the alkalinity of the water, reduce bad smell and break up organic molecules and garbage waste. -- BERNAMA

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