THE Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) should really look at the Postal Act 2012 with the view of enforcing the regulations to protect consumers who depend on the services of postal and courier companies including Pos Malaysia.What consumers want from the postal services is for their items to reach the designated recipients promptly and in good condition. However, the services rendered of late has been very unsatisfactory.

According to the National Consumers Complaint Centre (NCCC), 49.35% of the total complaints made against postal and courier services in 2018 were on delays in receiving the items sent. This issue must be contained as it involves a significant segment of consumers, some of whom were in despair when they approached the NCCC.With today’s information technology, parcels come with tracking numbers to help both parties know the status of delivery. But more often than not, many consumers end up not getting their deliveries even though they were waiting at home or the address specified after being advised by the senders.The irony is that with the tracking system, how could items go missing?The service provider seems to be not bothered when consumers complain, and when they ask for compensation, the amount paid is just a nominal sum.

The service provider that has received the bulk of these complaints is Pos Malaysia, which seems to be the preferred choice due to the relatively cheaper cost involved. Since it was privatised in 1992, Pos Malaysia has grown into a huge company and is listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE). We are indeed proud of its growth but what about the quality of service it provides? It’s time to hire people who take pride in their jobs, Pos Malaysia.


Senior manager