ALL leading industries employ business-related graduates with knowledge in fields such as accounting, business management, human resource management, marketing and finance.According to a recent report, among the top 10 highest paying jobs in Malaysia, five involve business majors. These profiles include a budget and finance director, marketing director, risk management director, vice-president of finance and strategy director.This proves that as a fresh graduate, you can build a lifelong career in the country with business-related degrees and be part of the major industries in Malaysia.According to Dr Sugumaran Selladurai, Dean of the Faculty of Business, Accountancy, and Management at SEGi University, since the demand is higher than supply, there are more jobs available with a lesser number of talent available to fill these positions.

“A business-related degree is someone’s pass to make a career change. In fact, many students take up an MBA course at SEGi University so that they can make a career shift later in their careers,” he said.“So many business-related degree students dream of becoming entrepreneurs and Malaysia is a great country to do so.“The economy is one of the fastest growing economies in South-East Asia and the government has great policies which support entrepreneurs. Take the benefit of a good degree here at SEGi University and in a great country.”Dr Sugumaran added that to heighten the entrepreneurial spark in business-related degree students, SEGi University’s Faculty of Business, Accounting and Management (FoBAM) frequently organises talks with industry captains from various industries.

Students are also exposed to the benefits of networking in business and emerging business trends such as the use of social media.Among the series of talks given are Industrial Revolution 4.0: Are You Ready?, Creative Thinking in Business and Employers’ Expectations.

Internship and job opportunities

Apart from this, SEGi University has established strong links with key industry players in the business field to provide students with access to internship and job opportunities.These types of programmes and industry partnerships are important for business-related degree graduates in preparing for a career in the business field.Indeed, SEGi University’s mission is to make quality education accessible to willing minds and natural talents, catering to the needs of all walks of life. FoBAM offers a wide range of quality courses including: Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (Honours), Bachelor of Accounting (Honours) and Bachelor of Business Management (Honours), specialising in Marketing, Human Resources and Finance.